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Dental Implants in Roanoke, VA

A dental implant most often takes the form of a small, screw-shaped titanium post that replaces the root part of a missing tooth. The surgical procedure to place an implant is actually quite minor and routine, requiring only local anesthesia in most cases. Dr. Sidrys refers his patients to specialists in the area for implant placement. After a healing period, the implant is topped with a lifelike crown custom-made to match your existing natural teeth, which is done at Mill Mountain Dentistry.

How Implants Work +

During a minor surgical procedure, your dental implant is inserted directly into the jawbone in the space vacated by the missing tooth. It will then be left to heal for a period of months before the final crown is attached. During this healing period, the implant actually fuses to the bone surrounding it.

Tooth Replacement Options Using Dental Implants +

  • Replace one tooth.
  • Replace multiple teeth.
  • Replace all teeth permanently.
  • Support removable dentures.

Implant Care & Maintenance +

Flossing and brushing your teeth on a daily basis, along with regular professional cleanings, can prevent this. Excessive biting forces can come from either a habit of clenching or grinding your teeth or an insufficient number of implants to handle the forces generated by your bite. You should receive the correct number of implants, so this does not happen.

Reasons To Choose Dental Implants +

The dental implant is today’s state-of-the-art tooth replacement method. It consists of a very small titanium post (the actual implant) attached to a lifelike dental crown. Whether you are missing one tooth, several teeth, or all your teeth, dental implants are preferred by doctors and patients alike. That’s because dental implants are:

  • Most like natural teeth.
  • The longest-lasting tooth replacement.
  • Able to prevent bone loss.
  • Safe for adjacent natural teeth.
  • Easy to care for.

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